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You know what I hate…..? September 28, 2010

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I despise slow, stupid drivers. Honestly, if you can’t bother to go the speed limit, why bother? I come from the cities, where everyone is going 15 over on a regular basis. So when someone is driving under the speed limit, I go ballistic. It’s frustrating.

I also hate it when people cross the road so slowly that they might as well be stopped. It’s so inconsiderate. I get that you’re going to be on time for class and you’re in no hurry. But I still have to park my damn car and get to class. Think of the people in the car for a change and hurry across the damn street.

For that matter, it astounds me when people cross the street on University without even looking. How big is your self-entitlment that you just ASSUME that a car will stop for you? Are you that stupid? That’s how accidents happen, and you’re a jackass. I sometimes feel the need to hit someone with my car just to make a point. But not really. That might be a bit extreme.

In all seriousness, are people really that dim? You’re asking for trouble when you just mindlessly cross a street without looking. For instance, I’ve seen several girls cross the street, their eyes staring at their phone while they text, and they never even glanced up to see if I’ve stopped for them. (I make it a point NOT to stop for people who aren’t in a crosswalk, as is my right) How stupid is that? I mean, really think about it. Small, fleshy body versus hundreds of pounds of metal. In what universe are you going to come out on the good end of that confrontation.


Pawn Stars for the win! September 8, 2010

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So, I recently started watching Pawn Stars, which in case you were unaware, is a show on the History channel about a pawn shop.

Main reason I love this show: people bring in some weird shit. I mean, who seriously has a gun that also functions as a key laying around their house?

I’ve learned so much about just random stuff because of this show and I can understand why it’s on the History channel. I also love how incredibly stupid people are. I understand from the first episode that the guys runs a business, not a I’ll take all your stuff at full price and make no money. Come on, let’s use our head. If you want to sell it at full price then put it on an auction or put it on ebay.

I also love the people that bring stuff in and say, ‘well so and so told me that it was this’ and then argue about the authenticity. If an expert says no, the expert says no. You are not an expert so you have no right to argue about authenticity.

What other shows have I watched recently…. Oh, Cycle 15 of Top Model starts tonight! I have such a love/hate relationship with that show. Apparently a friend of mine had a friend who talked with Janice Dickenson about the show and according to her, they basically decide before the show starts who is going to win and most of the girls have almost no hope in the modeling world. Figures.


So I was just hoping around the internet… September 2, 2010

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Lovely StumbleUpon. Oh the joys you bring me.

I’ve never thought about working at home and I’m not too sad that I hadn’t thought of it. I also discovered that internet addiction is only a meme away. Gotta say that both of those brought me more than a few giggles, most of which I had to contain since I’m updating this in the Honors lab with some sophomore reading his portfolio next to me.

I’m also always amazed at how big the universe is and how small I feel all the time when I see things like this.

This is an extremely random entry. Hrm. Menacing Beaver anyone?

I love the internet. You find things that are quite amusing. For instance:

The Official God FAQ

Question: “Is there a God?”

Answer: “No.”

Something so simple makes me laugh. (Protip: I am an Atheist. I do not like to bash other people’s view points to their face. Behind your back, probably. At least I’m honest.)

OMG giant gummy bears?! Why have I not discovered this sooner?!


Rules of the Internet: A Repost Since We’re All Too lazy to Google August 30, 2010

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There are something like a billion rules (obvious exaggeration is obvious) of the internet. However most of them are irrelevant. There are a few, however, that are important and need to be remembered. Bolded rules are especially relevant to wandering the internet.

1. You do not talk about /b/.

2. You DO NOT talk about /b/.

12. Anything you say can and will be used against you.

13. Anything you say can be turned into something else. -fixed

29. On the internet, all girls are men, and all kids are undercover FBI agents.

30. There are NO girls on the internet.

33. Lurk moar — it’s never enough.

34. There is porn of it, no exceptions.

66. The cake is a lie.

112. What you click isn’t always what you get.

144. People can’t understand sarcasm.

180. For every life the internet improves, it destroys 10 others.

241. Everything fun on the internet is either illegal, immoral or fattening.

Kay asked for rules of 4Chan. Since I rarely venture to 4Chan as I’m not foolish enough to want to be mocked, I don’t know many rules over there. However I do know general rules of most forums:

1. Lurk. A lot. Lurking is the act of simply reading a forum for a period of time before posting.

2. Use the search tool. Most forums have a search tool that not enough people use. If you have a question, chances are it’s already been asked and answered. At length. Twenty times. Nothing annoys old forum users more than idiot noobs who ask questions that have already been answered.

3. Read any rules that the forum has posted and memorize them. I venture onto a forum for Sims related stuff and it’s a very tight knit group that posts on the forum. They have intense rules that you either follow, or be banished to Retardo Land forever.

4. Think before you post. Use proper grammar and spelling or else someone is likely to rip you a new one. Also, the content is important. Be quick, to the point, and make sense.


Things You Should Know/Remember About the “Intarwebs”

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Hello hello. This post is going to be entirely dedicated to terms that people should know or remember for successful navigation and understanding of the internet/web/web apps.

Distinction Between the Internet and the Web

Internet: A collection of computers that are all hooked up together.

Web: The sharing of data that is on said computers through websites/webapps

Distinction Between a Website and a Web App

Website: Requires no login information in order to access data. Example: is a website that requires no extra information to access the data it provides.

Web App: Something that requires additional information in order to use data it holds. Example: Facebook is a web application. You cannot access much of anything on it without first logging in.

Acronyms and Words You Should Know

HTML: HyperText Markup Language or, essentially, Microsoft Word for websites. HTML can format how text looks, add hyperlinks, insert pictures, etc. Uses special codes like <b> and <p> and <title>

CSS: Cascading Style Sheets can be used to determine the format of a website or document.

XML: Extensible Markup Language is used to format a document so that a computer can read it. Like bar codes that are scanned. Or punch cards.

LAN: Local Area Network. When all the geeks bring their computers to one location and play Starcraft. Or Age of Empires. Or AVP. Essentially it’s bringing together a bunch of computers and connecting them to one network so all of the computers can access each other.

ISP: Internet Service Provider. Pretty straight forward. A company that allows you access to their servers so you can browse the web.

For the lulz: Doing something stupid just for laughs. Usually it is said when referencing a troll act.

Troll: Someone on the internet that says or does something insanely stupid/irritating/funny/really really irritating/aggravating/insert thesaurus here. Trolls are easy to spot as they usually have the words ‘fake’ or ‘gay’ or even both in their posts/videos/whatever. Do not feed the trolls. They thrive on responses. Obvious troll is obvious.

Internet Memes: Something on the internet that is comical and thus goes viral. Example: ‘Hide yo kids, hide yo wives, and hide yo husbands because they be rapin e’ryone round here.’ Antoine Dodson. Youtube it. For more info on memes go to

Anonymous: Anonymous is, in a sense, a self proclaimed group of individuals that police the internet and do other fun things. If Anonymous dislikes you, Anon will find all sorts of private information on your and post it to the internet. Vice versa, if Anonymous loves you, you will be raised to a pedestal for your fifteen minutes of fame. Example: Boxxy. Ooooh Boxxy. Just look her up via encyclopedia dramatica or even

4Chan: A picture forum for lots of stuff, it is mostly known for /b/ which is a random board that has no rules and limitations as to what can be posted. Most smart people despise /b/ because of how incredibly stupid it is. It’s stupid. Don’t go there.

Vlogging: Instead of typing out a blog, you video tape it and posted it for the world to mock! Yay!

Some Facts on YouTube

In general, YouTube is a huge community and unless you actually spend lots of time on there, you’ll miss 90% of the drama that can unfold. Typically, there is drama between two YouTube users, however drama can spawn between a single user and the masses.

General YouTube user drama: TheAmazingAtheist versus VenomFangX (VFX has since deleted his account). There’s always drama between those who subscribe to a religion and those that don’t. Fun times.

General Youtube drama between a user and masses: Boxxy or Jessie Slaughter. It’s simpler to just look those two up on google or

Famous people on YouTube aka YouTube celebrities: SXEphil (Philip DeFranco), LisaNova, Shane Dawson, nigahiga (Ryan Higa),  communitychannel (Natalie Tran).

It’s important to know that the majority of YouTube celebs have multiple channels and their life is spent on YouTube. They earn money for each video that they produce and it is literally their job. Crazy, but true.