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You know what I hate…..? September 28, 2010

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I despise slow, stupid drivers. Honestly, if you can’t bother to go the speed limit, why bother? I come from the cities, where everyone is going 15 over on a regular basis. So when someone is driving under the speed limit, I go ballistic. It’s frustrating.

I also hate it when people cross the road so slowly that they might as well be stopped. It’s so inconsiderate. I get that you’re going to be on time for class and you’re in no hurry. But I still have to park my damn car and get to class. Think of the people in the car for a change and hurry across the damn street.

For that matter, it astounds me when people cross the street on University without even looking. How big is your self-entitlment that you just ASSUME that a car will stop for you? Are you that stupid? That’s how accidents happen, and you’re a jackass. I sometimes feel the need to hit someone with my car just to make a point. But not really. That might be a bit extreme.

In all seriousness, are people really that dim? You’re asking for trouble when you just mindlessly cross a street without looking. For instance, I’ve seen several girls cross the street, their eyes staring at their phone while they text, and they never even glanced up to see if I’ve stopped for them. (I make it a point NOT to stop for people who aren’t in a crosswalk, as is my right) How stupid is that? I mean, really think about it. Small, fleshy body versus hundreds of pounds of metal. In what universe are you going to come out on the good end of that confrontation.


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